Wine Bits

We are extremely excited to announce a new page on our blog called “Wine Bits” by Dad Wolfe.  Dad Wolfe holds a special place in both Gretchen’s and Jennifer’s hearts.  Not only is he Gretchen’s father, but he also served as a surrogate father to Jennifer during her years of dance training.  Jennifer lived in another town in Ohio, and, because of the many hours spent training in Gretchen’s town, she needed a place to hang her tired feet in between classes and rehearsals.  She even had keys to the house!

A while ago we asked Dad Wolfe if he would be interested in writing about one of his favorite hobbies — wine — and sharing it with our readers.  He whole-heartedly jumped on board.  Dad Wolfe is an attorney with many areas of expertise.  He has conducted classes and seminars on a variety of subjects ranging from law to pitching softball, and, although he has been tapped locally many times as a resident wine expert, this is his debut onto the blogosphere stage.

For some reason, wine holds many mysteries. Some people shy away from learning about wine because of its many subtle complexities.  Since Dad Wolfe is a down-to-earth, self-taught wine enthusiast, we thought our readers could benefit from his honest advice.  We also thought that he could provide us all with some interesting wine reviews and basic tips to help us all feel a little more confident in buying the perfect bottle of wine to accompany your meal, if you so choose.  Of course, you could always go out and buy a $75 bottle of wine with high Parker points and recommended by your local wine seller, but why not get a few helpful tips and enjoy a bottle for $15?  So, without further ado, we present: Wine Bits……by Dad Wolfe.  Cheers!

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