These are just a few things which have inspired us over the years in our food journey…….


Food, Inc., for anyone who has not seen this documentary, takes an eye-opening look inside the U.S. corporations controlling the majority of the food Americans consume on a daily basis. For those of you who have reservations watching these sort of revealing documentaries, rest assured. This is not an overtly graphic depiction, such as footage shot by the PETA organization. I was not at all uncomfortable having my four-year-old son watch this video. (Ok, except towards the end when they are slaughtering pigs-but that was the only scene I did not allow him to watch.) It is vitally necessary for every human being to educate themselves regarding where their food comes from. In today’s world, we happily drive to the supermarket, go inside, and find neatly packed parcels of meat in the refrigerated section, all the while listening to some cheesy elevator music as our soundtrack. Perhaps we would respect our food more, and maybe not consume so much!, if we knew how that animal had lived its life and had its life taken. I am a meat eater, but for sure I do not want to consume a cheap hunk of protein whose life began and ended horribly.

Food, Inc., also addresses the issue of the poor, and why corporations, like McDonald’s, whose highly processed, cheap food, is more affordable than buying fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. It is so unfortunate that many people living in this country are subjected to make such choices for themselves and their families. It is so important that those of us who have the means to buy better quality food, demand better legislation regarding food. School children in this country are fed extremely poor quality food. And those on food stamps and other national programs, such as WIC, are not even allowed to buy good quality food with their credits. When will America take a better stance on food? Only when enough of us make enough noise for change!

Here is the Food, Inc. official website: Of course, it would be lovely if you could purchase a copy of the documentary, but if you can not afford one, ( I think this issue deserves to have everyone’s eyes) you can watch it for free at cinema




Michael Pollan wrote, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” That line would accurately summarize the teachings from, “In Defense Of Food,”  but it is so much more interesting to sit down and read through the entire book. Pollan discusses the downfall of food since science and nutritionism became involved; how the Western diet is responsible for numerous diseases within the world’s civilizations; the terrible consequences of the industrialization of food; and steps we can take to live healthier, happier lives. A fabulous, informative read! I highly recommend it!!!


Take Action


Sometimes we feel powerless to make change. But that truly is not the case. If enough people let their voices be heard, change is a reality. Today we no longer have to attend demonstrations, that is,  if we don’t want to. There are numerous ways you can get your message out to the world, and most importantly, to your elected officials. We have listed a few organizations whose missions are to preserve the quality of the food we all consume.The bottom line is that we live in a capitalistic, consumer-oriented society. Not only can you voice your opinion to your elected officials, you can also voice your opinion at the grocery store register. If you do not support a certain producer’s products, simply do not buy them. You can also voice your opinion directly to a company. Ahhhh…..the joys of the technological age, where with a few minutes of your time and a click, you are able to reach companies around the world!  Stay educated on the issues at hand, get involved, and let your voice be heard!!!

The Organic Consumers Association

Here is a wonderful website, dedicated to providing information to consumers on just about everything involving organic food. You can sign up for a weekly digest e-mail, if you choose, which keeps you in the know regarding what’s going on with food legislation within the government, health issues, and even boycotts. The best part, in our opinion, is that once you have read an article you are interested in, you have the option to send an e-mail to your elected officials, allowing you to voice your opinion. It is a great way to stay abreast of topics related to food and our health, so hopefully you will check it out……


Healthy Schools Campaign

This non-profit organization is another favorite of ours, dealing with the environment, children, and education. They advocate for healthier, more environmentally conscious policies and practices within our country’s schools. If you have children, a niece or nephew, or are an aunt, uncle, or grandparent, chances are you might have interest in learning more about this organization.

Institute for Responsible Technology

This organization’s website is one of the best resources for education about the health risks associated with GMO (genetically modified organisms) products. Surely you have heard the term GMO, but many of us do not fully understand the complications associated with these products. Unfortunately, large companies, such as Monsanto, who are responsible for these products, continually feed the public with misinformation. So empower yourself, tell your friends and family, and help discontinue the use of GMO products!


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Some of you may have heard of Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef and school food revolution campaigner, and maybe even some of you watched his recent television series, Food Revolution. But if you have not heard of him, you might want to learn some more. Not only are his recipe books some of our favorites, we also love what he stands for and the changes he is advocating for here in the U.S. and in Europe. His website has many great recipe ideas for families and ways in which you can get involved in your local community.


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