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Two Dancing Buckeyes, reclaiming the food we eat…

Lately, we have seen a movement toward better education regarding food in the United States, thanks to authors, filmmakers, and celebrity chefs. However, the message has yet to reach everyone’s ears, school lunch rooms, and, most importantly, dinner tables. So perhaps there is some use out there in cyberspace for our little blog. (At least we hope so.)

One of us is a strict legume lover, and the other flips between a carne connoisseur and legume lover. But there’s no question we both love to cook and bake, and we are both passionate about the quality of food that nourishes our bodies. We also love to share our food and ideas with friends and families….and now, hopefully, with you. All of our posted recipes have passed the ultimate taste test: our husbands and kids.

We post information on everything from recipes to school lunches to sustainable farming and even how you can voice your opinion with government officials on food-related issues. We warmly encourage our readers to share their feedback with us, so keep checking back and let us know what you think!

A little biographical info on the Two Dancing Buckeyes

The gals behind Two Dancing Buckeyes: Gretchen & Jennifer. We’re life-long friends who met at a dance school in Ashland, Ohio. Geeesh…..how old were we? Fourteen??? My, how the years have flown by! So there we were — two dancing “Ohio Buckeyes,” tapping, twirling, stretching, and pointing our way through high school.

We both got the urge to leave the Heartland of America and venture out of state. Gretchen studied languages at a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania.  She married her college sweetheart and settled in Pittsburgh.  Her career has largely centered on work with Spanish-speaking communities and she spent some time with a large consumer healthcare / pharmaceutical company that specializes in many nutritional products.  She has maintained a mostly vegetarian diet since her early teens and is always working to improve the quality of the food that she and her family enjoy.  She has met the struggles of maintaining a healthy (yet fulfilling) diet through different stages of life as a workaholic with no kids, as a full-time working mother, and, currently, as a stay-at-home mom.

Upon joining the Hartford Ballet, Jennifer wound up in Connecticut. After a couple of years, she twirled her way down the east coast, landing smack-dab in The Big Apple, where she was asked to join American Ballet Theatre. During her dancing career with ABT, she enjoyed traveling and performing throughout the world. But her greatest enjoyment was the exposure she had to numerous world cultures and their cuisines. After retiring from the professional world of ballet, Jennifer met and married a Greek man, and had two beautiful children. (And if anyone knows Greeks, they love food, and they love to eat! Phew….the bar was set high for both of us regarding the dinner table!!)

Fast forward a few years and between the two of us, we have gained two husbands, three kids, and a nagging desire to help others sift through the plethora of info whipped around food these days. We are both busy mothers who try our very best to give our families the most nutritious food possible. It is our hope that we might inspire someone to rediscover where their food comes from, that making mistakes is just fine, and, perhaps, realize it really is not so difficult to juggle our families and careers while reclaiming our dinner tables.



  1. Katherine Salazar

     /  January 8, 2011

    Hope the both of you can help me learn not to be terrified of grocery shopping and cooking.

    I just love what the both of you are doing! Thank you!

    • Thanks for your interest! We hope we can help too. That’s why we started this blog….to help others see it really isn’t too hard to make some small adjustments in their lives, while helping themselves, their communities, and the planet one step at a time. Cheers!

  2. Yheizzi Owen

     /  January 12, 2011

    I hope I can be inspired to start cooking healthy food. I find cooking stressful

    • Thanks for jumping on board with us! Cooking is a process, and the more you do it, the easier, and more exciting it becomes. Trust me, I too, used to look at cookbooks and be overwhelmed, but with practice you gain confidence. You might even enjoy it one day soon!!!

  3. Barb Quent

     /  January 12, 2011

    Loved seeing your photo of the two of you,reading your bios, and I look forward to trying new recipes using healthier ingredients. You will be happy to know that little old Wooster now, has two weekly farmers markets during the summer and just very recently has expanded that by opening a store year round called Local Roots where farmers bring Winter Veggies. Hope that many read and contribute to and learn from your blog site.

  4. Danielle Mulcahy (Porter)

     /  August 14, 2011

    Hey Jennifer and Gretchen! My mom told me about your blog, and I love it! I am really into eating healthy, and I love the recipes you have on here. Will definitely be coming back often. Hope you’re both doing well!

  5. Danielle, thank you for your kind words, and it’s great to hear from you! If you want to keep up with us without having to check in, feel free to subscribe (at the top right of the page) or like us on fb at http://www.facebook.com/twodancingbuckeyes. Hope all is well with you ~ Gertie

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