Healing Essential Oils for the Winter

The following post was written by Claudia Sherwood, who has been a guest blogger on Two Dancing Buckeyes in the past about the health benefits of honey. We hope you enjoy her latest post on honey and essential oils to combat all those coughs and runny noses during cold season. Enjoy!

I am a Reiki practitioner and beekeeper.  I use raw local honey internally (and externally –more on this in another blog). In my Reiki practice I use essential oils for de-stressing and centering, as well as with my volunteer work in hospitals. I also use them in helping my daughter to build immunity, to calm down, and sleep restfully.

I use oils known to be safe for internal use, in honey, and in capsules, as a natural medicine. Please note that many essential oils are adulterated or mislabeled, so I would not consider internal use without knowing proper information on internal or external use, and if you have a health condition you should check first with your health care practitioners.

Aromatherapy in Europe is so highly valued that there are strict requirements for a license in this practice, unlike in the U.S., where practice is generally much looser throughout the country.  However, high quality medicinal grade essential oils and aromatherapy are a highly successful way to heal with low risk of side effects.  So, I have come to feel quite comfortable using therapeutic grade oils on my family internally, with great benefits to our health. My medicine cabinet is lined with essential oils in place of conventional medicine, which I have not used on myself, or on my daughter, for years.  In fact, I also use them in my kitchen!

But how to use them internally and make them palatable? My latest work has been combining essential oils with raw honey. It is a tasty way to deliver the healing oils into our diet.  So a spoon of honey and a drop or two of therapeutic grade essential oil of cinnamon bark or lemon mixed into honey is very good for boosting my family’s immune system. I also use them in my salads, and it’s catching on with my friends.

Claudia’s salad dressing recipe —

2 or 3 drops of essential oil of Lemon (or Orange)

1 drop of Thyme oil

Hemp seed oil as a base

A dash of salt

My morning boost —

Clove: One drop can be mixed with honey for boosting immunity against winter colds, and clove has the highest ORAC on the anti-oxidant scale of any food.  It is great for the health of gums and toothache.  For kids, cinnamon bark is not as strong as clove and can be mixed with honey. I am also creating my own combinations of honey with healing essential oils including cinnamon bark and lemon.

Many so called essential oils available today are commonly mislabeled and/or chemically adulterated and are potentially toxic. For internal use, use only oils with a “Supplement Facts” label included on the bottle. For further information about oils that are safe to ingest, please contact me through my Healthy Living section at:  www.claudiasherwood.com

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  1. Top quality cinnamon bark essential oil on the tongue after a meal helps me balance my blood sugar, which also supports my immunity. Plus it’s like having a “cinnamon drop” dessert… very yummy.

  2. Joseph G Lelinho

     /  December 27, 2011

    Claudia, Interesting article, I’d like to learn more of honey and essestial oils. I’ll check your website for more info.
    Thank you


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