October is Non-GMO month

October, which I can honestly say is my favorite month of the year, has, throughout history, been the month of harvest. The days are shortening and the air is turning colder, but food is still plentiful, with pumpkins, gourds, and even the occasional late ear of corn showing up at farmer’s markets. 

In case you were unaware, October 16, 2011, is Whole Food Day USA, which is a day to focus on food and ending hunger. Perhaps more importantly, however, October is also Non-GMO month, with numerous organizations trying to gain political attention to this issue, and to finally pass a mandatory labeling of all GMO foods. Europe already has mandatory GMO labeling. So why doesn’t the United States? Don’t we deserve to know what’s going into our food, too? If you are in agreement that GMO food should be labeled, I urge you to sign the official petition.

So enjoy the beautiful month of October, with its brightly colored leaves and enjoyably chilly days. Cook a hearty fall dish to share with your family and friends. Most importantly, be grateful for the wonderful food we have to eat, and educate those around you of what good food really is.  Have a Happy Month of Food!

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