UN- NCD Summit (Non-Communicable Diseases)

This coming week, in New York City (September 19-20, 2011), the first ever UN summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) will take place. During this summit, leaders from around the globe will be discussing diseases related to alcohol, smoking, and diet, the last of which has statistically become the most fatal of the three on a global level. 35 million people die of NCDs every year, and 1.7 billion people across the globe are obese or overweight. A staggering 200 million of those obese or overweight people are children!

Something must be done to stop these totally preventable diseases. Legislation must be put in place. While it is our job on a local scale to educate those around us on the importance of a healthy diet, starting with our own families, it is the global community of legislators who are responsible to implement legislation regarding this terribly important issue. Fast food companies are not entirely to blame. The quality of food served to our children in public school is often just as bad, if not worse on many occasions, than the food served to customers at a fast food chain.

While just one of us calling or writing our UN official probably won’t do much good, voices are heard in numbers. I urge you to sign Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition, and to write your UN representative. You can find all the wonderful links to do just that, right here. Hey, in this day and age, you can even Tweet or FB your representative, so there’s not really a good excuse why you can’t spend the few seconds to do so.

It takes a village to raise a child… as the saying goes.  Thank you for listening and learning, and hopefully taking action!

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