Go-Go-Goat Bananas!

A friend recently shared a delicious smoothie recipe using goat’s milk and bananas.  Although bananas and milk comprise one of my tried and true favorite smoothie recipes, the subtle changes in this version made a whole lot of difference.  The use of ice makes this a very refreshing treat, and the bit of nutmeg brings harmony to the simple mix of flavors.

(3-4 servings)

2 c. goat milk (you could use cow milk, but the goat milk tastes sooo good!)
2 bananas, roughly chopped
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 heaping Tbl. flax seeds
whole small tray of ice

Directions:  Combine everything in a blender until smooth.

The goat milk not only tastes good, but it’s super good for you, too!  Check out this previous blog post about some of the benefits of drinking goat milk.
The flax adds a nice nutty note without overpowering any of the flavor, and the grinding of the flax seeds is important for you to be able to impart its benefits.  Many people don’t realize that adding whole flax seed to a dish is likely not enough to gather the bulk of its value because most of those seeds will simply pass through the system, undigested.  If your blender is not able to finely grind the flax, consider putting it through a coffee grinder first or buying it pre-ground.
A couple variations to suggest:
  • Try replacing the banana with mango – absolutely delicious!
  • For an adult cocktail, add a shot or two of coconut rum… then close your eyes, take a sip, and instantly you will feel as if you’ve been whisked away to a Caribbean beach!
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