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The following post was written for Two Dancing Buckeyes by ‘Dad’ Wolfe who is a regular ‘Wine Bits’ contributor.

The question was recently posed to me: “What is your favorite wine?”  My initial reaction was “Whoa, not fair.  Do you mean today, with this meal or what?”  “No, just your over-all favorite wine,” was the reply.  I still felt that there are too many variables to answer that question, but, upon further reflection, wondered to myself, alright, just what is my number one choice.  What is it that I will always (or almost always—see, a qualified answer even when musing hypothetically) feel comfortable with and be sure to enjoy.  Then I thought that, maybe, this wasn’t such a far-fetched question.  Perhaps it is helpful for one to try to come up with an answer.  This will help you identify the range of wines you may prefer (at this time, anyway—oops, another qualification).  As there are myriad variables, I suggest that a conclusive answer is fantasy.  But sometimes it’s fun to engage in fantasy, so let’s play the game.  What is your single-most favorite wine?  One might say, “I haven’t found it yet because I haven’t tasted every one (and even then vintages will vary).”  Get the idea that wine-drinking is an ever-changing landscape?  But I digress.  We do like something that is constant and upon which we can rely.  That’s part of human nature.  So what is it for you?  To be fair, let’s divide the question into three categories: whites, reds and others.  For this test, everyone will get a 100, as there are no wrong answers.  Okay, I won’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself, so here are my choices (du jour, at least).

Whites:  I love the Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc blend, “Ariadne,” of Clos Du Val Winery (California).  Crisp and refreshing, excellent when white wine is the choice.  A close second is any good Sauvignon Blanc.  Something, perhaps, from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, but you pick the region and the winery.

Reds:  My wine-tasting journey has led me to the belief that the Bourdeaux-style reds (i.e. blends of three to five grapes) is my safe harbor, upon which I can reasonably rely.  My personal favorite is Shya Red by Pomum Cellars, Washington State.  There are many others and many wonderful red varietals from around the globe—too numerous to mention and all fun to try.  A close second for reds would be a super Tuscan (Italy).  Try one sometime.

Others:  There are a lot of specialty wines, many of which you may find appealing.  Not so much for me, but, as I have said before, it is important to keep an open mind.  However, a nice, chilled sparkling wine is good for virtually any occasion.

Okay, so much for that exercise in futility.  What did you come up with?  There are probably no two answers alike to such a question.

To close this post, here’s a suggestion for what to do with left over wine.  “Left-over wine”—qu’ est que c’est?  Nonetheless, if the party’s over and there’s still something left in a bottle or two, try freezing it in an ice cube tray.  Yeah, it works.  I tried it.  Then use the wine cubes at a later time, when wine is desired for cooking purposes.  Not a bad suggestion.  Thanks to Charmaine for the contribution.  And, as always, enjoy the journey.

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  1. Alyssa

     /  July 8, 2011

    I second the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, especially this one

    • Delicious! We found our way to the bottom of a bottle of the Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc last night for dinner. Served with a cold crab salad on pita, green salad, and fresh fruit, it rounded out our meal perfectly on such a hot summer night.


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