The Wide World of Wine

The following post was written for Two Dancing Buckeyes by ‘Dad’ Wolfe who is a regular ‘Wine Bits’ contributor.

As we anticipate the arrival of warmer weather and being out-of-doors more often, perhaps our wine selection will vary.  As we’ve noted before, wine is a time and place thing.  It may vary as to the circumstances, the company, the food, the weather, etc.  If you like a particular kind of wine and that’s what you want to drink all of the time, that’s your choice and it’s okay.  However, there is so much more out there.  On a warm day, sitting on the patio, with some light appetizers, a slightly chilled sauvignon blanc hits the spot.  Or you may prefer a pinot grigio or even a chardonnay.  Wonderful!  Then, when you bring out the steaks, the ribs or burgers (yes, it’s fine to drink wine with burgers), you may wish to shift to a nice red of your choosing—a pinot noir, if you want something lighter or a cabernet sauvignon, if you want something more robust.  In between those choices, you might select a merlot, a malbec or a syrah.  There are some excellent reds produced in Spain and a nice tempranillo may be perfect for the occasion, especially if you prepare something like a paella.  Vary your wine selections, and the wide world of wine will begin to open to you.  Enjoy.

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