Wine Bits: Bits And Pieces

This ‘Wine Bits’ post was written by ‘Dad’ Wolfe for Two Dancing Buckeyes.

Have you ever been somewhere, with a little time to pass, and wanted to get a glass of wine, and perhaps a snack, while you had the chance (such as waiting in an airport), but the variety of establishments was limited, and the wine selection was not very extensive? Recently, I was in an airport, all checked in, and had about an hour and a half until my flight. It was close enough to lunchtime, so I decided to get a sandwich and asked for a wine list. There were about six choices and none of what I would like to have had. On this occasion, I desired a white wine. The menu listed a pinot grigio and a chardonnay. I was hoping for something in between those two. Preferring several varieties of white blends (varying percentages of different white grapes mixed together, as the winemaker may determine), I decided to make my own blend. The price of a glass of the pinot grigio and a glass of the chardonnay were the same (although it shouldn’t be much problem to do the math if there was a difference in prices–add the two together and divide by two), so I asked the server to mix a glass of half pinot grigio and half chardonnay. It worked fine. Be sure you have some idea about what you are mixing because if you don’t like it, you bought it anyway. The server said that no one had ever asked to do that, but had no problem accommodating me. Be sure to tip well, when making a special request. I suppose, if you are thirsty enough, that you could just order a glass of each and an extra glass and do the mixing for yourself.

A favorite white grape of mine is “Semillon.” I also like “Sauvignon Blanc.” Lo and behold, a couple of years ago, I discovered an ideal wine—a semillon and sauvignon blanc blend. It is excellent and will be good, slightly chilled, on a warm evening, with some fresh fruit and cheese. The name of this nectar is Ariadne, made by the Clos Du Val winery in Napa Valley, California. There may well be other similar blends out there, so, if you discover something else to your liking, go for it. The winery tasting notes for Ariadne describe it as follows: “This proprietary blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc takes its name from Ariadne, wife of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Like its namesake, Clos Du Val’s Ariadne is rich, intense and elegant. Pale gold in color with a green tinge, the wine displays aromas of melon, fig and a hint of passion fruit. On the palate, Ariadne is consistent with intense tropical flavors of passion fruit, guava and citrus. Subtle oak tones make for a rich creamy mouth feel, while firm acids keep the finish crisp and light. Great for food pairings.” Mmmmm. I think I hear a bottle calling my name, now. Reasonably priced at $21.00 per bottle. Generally, Clos Du Val is better know for its reds. By the way, the Clos Du Val winery label depicts the daughters of Zeus– Splendor, Mirth and Joy. They are referred to as The Three Graces and throughout ancient Greece were known for dancing, singing and being the life of Olympian parties. You didn’t know that, in addition to learning about wine, you were also going to get information on Greek mythology, did you? Surprise. Remember the name Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. There will be a quiz later. In the meantime, enjoy the journey!

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