Several More Ways To Taste Wines At A Reasonable Cost

This ‘Wine Bits’ post was written by ‘Dad’ Wolfe for Two Dancing Buckeyes.


In addition to winery visits, wine bars and wine festivals, there are a number of other ways to enjoy a wide range of wine tasting at a reasonable price.

Many larger grocery stores which sell wine, and usually have reasonably good wine selections, will have tastings, usually to promote a particular wine of the week.  The cost is ordinarily nominal.  Good opportunity and it helps make the grocery shopping trip a bit more enjoyable.  Likewise, wine stores will frequently schedule wine tastings, perhaps once a week or once a month, most often on a Friday or Saturday.  Cost may vary (I have seen them anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00), but these are good opportunities to many times taste some higher end wines.

Another way to taste a wide variety of wines is to get together a group of like-minded people (i.e. those who are interested in tasting wine) and have a wine tasting party.  Ask each guest to bring a bottle of his or her favorite wine or an unfamiliar wine that the guest has been wanting to try.  Open them all and let everyone taste.  A few appetizers and you have a great theme party.  You can vary this idea by specifying a certain area of the world from time to time.

Wine clubs (mail order wines) are a way to broaden your tasting experiences, although this will involve a bit more expense and full bottles of wines.  I have participated in several and have been satisfied with them.  There are a number out there.  Scrutinize them carefully and find one that fits your desires, if this is something you want to try.  Be sure that you can select the general categories (white, red or mixed) that you receive, that you can determine the frequency of deliveries and that you can quit at any time.  I had a bad bottle only once and with a phone call it was quickly replaced, no questions asked.  Continue the journey and enjoy.

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