Here we go again….!

Awhile back, we posted some articles relating to GE alfalfa and its approval for planting by the U.S. government. To our great dismay, we just learned today that the USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack (a former employee of guess who?…..Monsanto!), has now given approval for the planting of genetically-engineered sugar beets in the spring, despite a previous federal court ban on GE sugar beets!

It appears like Monsanto is trying to forcibly contaminate the organic food chain by going through with their GE alfalfa and sugar beet planting. Once these crops are planted, there is truly no way of preventing cross-contamination, due to bees, birds, other various animals, and the wind. Feel free to read some of our posts on GMOs and their serious health consequences. And keep in mind that GMOs have NOT been tested for the potential health risks involved with consumption, nor the environmental consequences to the planet. Monsanto just keeps planting them anyway, and uses its massive wealth to infiltrate the US government.

If this is as disturbing to you as it is to us, we urge you to give Secretary Vilsack’s office a call in Washington to voice your opposition. If you need some fodder for the conversation, here is a link with talking points, along with the number to call:

Keep GMOs on the lab table. Not on my dinner table!!

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