Wine-drinking for people who just want to enjoy it, without a lot of stress and anxiety

Many years ago, actually back in my college days, I became interested in drinking wine.  Why?  I’m not sure.  But I discovered that I like it and, to me, that’s the main thing.  It’s not about status or image or any of that kind of stuff.  It’s about what you like.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many different kinds of wines—because many different people have many different tastes.  You don’t have to like them all.  In fact, you may believe that you only like a few.  And guess what?  That’s just fine.  However, when I talk with people about wine, I stress the importance of drinking what you like (and what you can afford-but that’s a subject for another discussion), but I also urge that one be willing to “try” different wines, because you just might find that there is something out there that you like even better.

Also, preferences can vary as to time, place, food, weather, mood, etc.  A wine I prefer one day, under some circumstances, will not necessarily be the same wine I prefer on another day.  These, and many others, are features I look forward to discussing in the days and weeks ahead.  I am not an “expert,” whatever your definition of that term may be.  I’m simply someone who enjoys drinking wine.  If I am aware of a few more things about wine than some other people, it’s only for two reasons:  I taste and I read.  It helps me enjoy my wine-drinking  to a greater degree.  I have probably forgotten more of what I’ve learned than I have retained, but it can be a fun process.  I hope to discuss some of the ways to learn more about wine, as we go along, and share, with you, some of my thoughts.  Most importantly, it must be fun.

A few years ago, I introduced a friend to wine-drinking.  He was skeptical, at first, but found that he really enjoyed the tasting and he enjoyed learning more about it.  However, at one point, he said “this is becoming too much like school and is taking all the fun out of it.”  We don’t want to take the fun out of it.  We want to talk about things you want to know.  And any question a person has deserves an answer.  Let’s have fun together, tasting and enjoying wine-drinking.

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